British Royals: The Unequal Lives! (Part 1)

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Unequal Lives of British Royal Family and Common Man?


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British Royal Family or Unaccounted Extravaganza

(Below mentioned information is a published article from a leading news agency, which has raised many unanswered questions.)

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have landed in controversy once again as they now got accused of swindling British taxpayers out of millions for personal use.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were lambasted by a former member of Parliament and a present member of the Privy Council, for deceiving British taxpayers out of millions prior to their move across the pond.

Former Liberal Democrat for East Sussex, and writer of …And What Do You Do? Norman Baker wrote for the Daily Mail alleging that the couple has taken the US $53 Million of British taxpayers’ money for their own personal wants.

“From their wedding day to March 31 this year, I estimate the British taxpayer has forked out more than £44 Million (the US $53 Million) to provide Harry and Meghan with, it seems, whatever they want,” he wrote.

Baker broke down the expenses for the readers saying the royal wedding of the Sussex couple cost the US $40.8 Million out of which only the US $2.4 Million were contributed by the royals personally.

Security cost amounted to most of the sum with over the US $35 Million while the rest went for other extravagances.

The Ministry of Defense had ordered 20 new trumpets for the US $109,000, a PA system, private contractors, and other essentials for the wedding.

Talking about the couple’s housing since they married, Baker said: “The couple has said they will repay the renovation costs for Frogmore Cottage. They have offered (US $22,000) a month, which is also meant to cover rent. Assuming a rent of (the US $12,000) a month, it will take them 25 years to repay the renovation costs, and that is without interest or any ongoing maintenance.”

He added that “since the wedding, Meghan is also said to have amassed a (the US $731,000) jewelry collection (including items gifted to her by Harry and the Queen), a collection larger than the late Princess Diana’s, including a stunning new diamond ring.”

Treading towards the staff, Baker estimated that their PR gurus, office secretaries, and lawyers, as well as house-help, cost the taxpayers the US $721,000 over the course of two years.

“Until March 31, when they ceased to be working royals, the team of up to 15 included a private secretary (who can earn a salary of the US $177,000 a year), PR director Sara Latham, and a full team of servants including a housekeeper (the US $36,500) and a nanny,” he wrote.

He estimated their travel cost as the US $1.2 Million with their trips to Australia, Singapore, and other places, before they were shamed into the flying economy.

Baker noted that Harry “took a helicopter journey costing an estimated (the US $6,000) from London to Birmingham and two days later told a crowd at Wembley Stadium to ‘wake up’ and act on ‘the damaging impact our ways are having on the world.’”

Their personal security costs too had been vast as they snagged away from the US $8.5 Million out of taxpayers before severing ties with the royal family.

“They were always accompanied by protection officers funded by the taxpayer. The bill for this, including business-class travel for the officers (as confirmed by former royal protection officer Ken Wharfe), and any overtime and away-from-home allowances, has fallen to the public,” Baker said.

Discussing the allowance, the couple will be getting from Prince Charles in the first year of their move away from the UK, Baker said: “Controversially, Charles can classify this allowance to Harry as a business expense, which he can set against tax.

This means that the public purse continued to support Harry for as long as Charles continued with this approach to funding the Duke.”

Uncomfortable Questions

Common Man’s Way. For understanding purposes, let’s take up a case of a soldier in the British Royal Army.

If he wishes to spend Millions of Dollars on his daughter’s wedding, then first he will have to approach some bank for a marriage loan.

No bank will ever clear his marriage loan request, without some form of guarantees like a gold deposit or property papers.

Once the marriage loan is cleared and expended on the wedding, then after that he will have to pay a heavy interest amount on the principal sum of loan money.

This loan principal sum added with interest amount will have to manage after paying 30% of the income as income tax.

Additionally, he would have paid some amount (10 to 20%) as service or excise taxes (the list is long) on every facility used during the wedding.

Other options in front of the parents will seek off their ancestor’s property and use that money as wedding expenses.

Lastly, before reaching to daughter’s marriage age, he will have to pay for expensive university fees, which has always been an all-time high.

The Royal Fraud!  Whereas the British Royal Family managed to spend the US $41 Million of Taxpayers’ money on the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle!

How can such a huge amount of money be wasted on Prince Harry’s wedding, without the willingness or permission of the highest office in the country?

Are these Royal Members not owners of huge wealth (amassed in the form of the monthly and annual salary or inherited wealth) and properties, which they could have easily sold to bear Prince Harry’s wedding bills?

When they officially utilized the Taxpayers’ money on the wedding of a royal prince, then are they NOT obliged to call the entire population of the United Kingdom to attend the Royal Marriage, just to have a taste of Royal Food and facilities on the wedding day? Why? Since, they are the people, who paid the bills.

Basically, Queen told the common man, “You need to pay for my grandson’s wedding, from the taxes you paid on your income. Also, you are not invited to the wedding, bills of which are paid by your tax money! Why? Because I am Queen and you are a common man!”

The same fraud must have happened in all the marriages of the Royal Family Members.

So, in cases of all divorce cases of Royal Family Members like Prince Charles, the divorce alimony money paid to Princess Diana, must also have been paid from Taxpayers’ pocket?

What is the qualification of Prince Harry due to which he is entitled to spend British Citizens’ taxes (collected as 30% of their total income) on his wedding expenses? Is this legal?

Just because one Prince or future King of the United Kingdom (70 years old Prince Charles) had sex with his wife and had two sons, so now is the population of the whole country bound to pay for their marriages from their pockets?

Is this tax money not supposed to be used for the country’s infrastructure like roads, defense expenses, etc?

So, this means that all the kids of Prince Williams will also be married off at the expense of the common man’s tax money?

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The Common Man’s Burden? So, first, the common man needs to earn money to make both ends meet.

Let’s take the example of any soldier of the British Royal Army.

Then he needs to pay 30% of the income as taxes, which will be wasted in the marriage ceremonies or divorce proceedings of the Royal Family Members.

Then from the remaining money after payment of taxes and monthly expenses, he or she will have to save money for their kid’s education and later marriage.

Now, since the common man is not born out of the wedding sex of Royal Family Members, so they live a life of the normal person with basic facilities.

But that does not mean that he or she should pay up for Royal Weddings and Divorces too.

At least, the Queen and her descendants are expected to get married on their own resources.

This extremely basic of leadership qualities, which is now missing from the existing Royal Blood, but is expected any King or Queen to possess!

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