Death of Sushant Singh Rajput | Some Explicit Facts

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Death or Murder? | Some Very Uncomfortable Facts

Disclaimer: We are NOT taking the side of Rhea Chakraborty!

Immediately after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput (SSR), the whole country sat nervous, totally surprised, as to how can a successful actor like SSR, could commit suicide.

Media, YouTubers, Social Media influencers got into action.

Some speculated suicide.

Some Speculated murder.

Everyone started their own investigation. Slowly more secrets of Bollywood started opening up.

Drugs, rape, nepotism, etc, which although were open secrets of Bollywood, suddenly were thrown up as if the whole country was not aware of these issues at all.

One of the biggest media company Republic World clung to the theory of murder of SSR. Then, Kangana Ranaut jumped in for a very famous interview with Editor-in-Chief of Republic World, Mr. Arnab Goswami.

Courtesy – YouTube

Courtesy – YouTube

Money Stolen by Rhea from Sushant’s bank Accounts?

We are sure that whenever Rhea Chakraborty extracted even 1 rupee from his bank account or made any purchase from his credit card, he would have gotten a bank’s notification every time!

Nowadays, banks inform details of every penny taken out of one’s bank account, through SMS on the registered mobile number and email to the registered email id.

So, Sushant should have been aware of details regarding every penny spent from his personal bank account.

Or is there any way that someone kept extracting money from his account, and he would have never ever found out about it?

Physical Intimacy?

Sushant was in a live-in relationship with Rhea. So, he should have been aware of her everyday habit, which includes her ways of spending money.

If Rhea charmed Sushant, then she must have ensured something more important in his life, due to which he preferred to stop talking to his family.

Was it SEX? 100% yes!

Now if Rhea controlled Sushant through her physical intimacy techniques, then how can money spent by Sushant on her be a crime?

Is there any law that prohibits a live-in relationship between a man and a woman? No!

Did anyone including Rhea force Sushant to get into a live-in relationship? No!

Is there any law that prohibits man from spending money on his live-in partner? No!

Is there any rule which defines, the amount of money a couple can spend on each other while staying in a live-in relationship? No!

Was Sushant’s family not aware of this live-in relationship? Yes!

Did they try their best to convince him to get out of this live-in relationship? Maybe!

Is there any rule of law which prohibits Rhea to interact with Mahesh Bhatt or any other male, while staying in a live-in relationship with Sushant? No!

Was Rhea liable under any Act or law, which prohibits Rhea from leaving Sushant’s house, when she is not willing to continue her relationship anymore? No!

Is Rhea, the “First Gold Digger” of this Country?

Why there is so outcry if Rhea turned out to be a Gold Digger?

We are sure that there were many Gold Diggers before Rhea and many will thrive in the future too!

Sushant himself surrounded by one of the most beautiful and charming ladies of the Bollywood industry must have known differences in the types of females and basic characteristics of a gold digger.

Are divorce cases in India not a legal way to do some gold-digging from the former husband before parting ways as a couple?

There have been many cases in India, where the only purpose for a lady to get married to a rich guy is to either have a comfortable life or in case of divorce, extract some good or free money as divorce alimony.

Arranged Marriages or Gold-Digging Ceremony?

In fact, in our country, under the banner of “Arranged Marriages”, many times, both girls and boys prefer to dump their live-in partners, as the grass is always greener on the other side.

Many times, families only pressurize their sons and daughters to dump their love interest in favour of some rich party, they don’t even know!

Rift Between Sushant and His Family!

After February 2020, Sushant stopped talking to his parents.

Why? Was it Rhea?

Or was it some stupidity from his family side?

How can a 28-year-old lady (Rhea in this case) control a 34-year-old man, when they are not even married?

His brother-in-law, an SP rank officer, himself went to Mumbai but didn’t meet Sushant. Also, he just intimated DCP Mumbai over WhatsApp about some problems around him!

Since when Indian Police started acting over WhatsApp messages?

Are we not supposed to register FIR?

Why his family never registered an FIR?

Due to anticipated social stigma?

So, when they got carried away by ANTICIPATED SOCIAL STIGMA, then are they themselves not responsible somewhere?

Sushant’s father went after Rhea for money laundering! What about his murder?

Has the father accepted that his son committed suicide?

Is he not bothered about his murder case? Doesn’t he want his murderers to get caught?

Or just worried about the recovery of lost money?

Too Many Ladies in His Life!

Sara Ali Khan, Ankita Lokhande, Rhea Chakraborty… And list is on and on.

How many ladies are required for a happy life?

How People Monetized After Sushant’s Death?

There are many Youtubers, who started working overtime to make videos about his death.

Many news channels also started over time.

Kangana Ranaut found this to be the best time to sort out her old scores with those people, who bullied her.

But where these people worried about digging out the truth?


It was just to increase subscribers to their channel, increase viewership which will make them rich through uncountable advertisements running, while they are just reading out news articles, while sitting in front of the camera.

We are sure many of the fans will not accept the above facts easily. It’s okay

It’s impossible to digest the ultimate EXPLICIT TRUTH!

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