How Parents Screw Up Their Kids’ Life? (Part 1)

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How Parents Screw Up Their Kids’ Life?

A Real-Life Story

This is the story of Rakesh (he is an acquaintance of mine and this is such a deadlock situation that I don’t see any solution. I am waiting for Karma’s to hit, let’s see what will happen).

Background. Rakesh and Aparna were siblings and their mom had some rare disease. She wanted to get both her kids married/settled before she died (Mistake 1 from Rakesh mom: Strict deadline for your own satisfaction).

Aparna and Sunil. Aparna was a very simple and average girl, her mom approached Sunil’s mom and got them married off.

Sunil had just finished his MBA from a good college, he was handsome, the only son, etc. He wanted to see the world before he settled, but his mom was worried about what if he fell in love!?

She emotionally blackmailed him. (Mistake 1 from Sunil’s mom: Just to have your own way, emotional blackmail isn’t right).

Sunil Weds Aparna

Sunil started his life half-heartedly with Aparna, everyone congratulated Aparna’s mom on her good fortune.

Of course, she gave tons of dowry. Aparna had just completed her graduation. She was a very simple person and Sunil didn’t hate or love her.

They had a son soon called Neel.How Parents Screw Up Their Kids' Life? (Part 1)


Next comes Rakesh’s story. He was a total introvert who never made any friends, most people thought him as a totally boring fellow. He had no interest in anything. In fact, he hardly spoke with anyone.

But he was handsome, had an IT job post engineering, own house from parents too.

So, his mom assumed that any girl would want him as a husband. (Mistake 2: You are selecting a human being who is going to spend life with your son as a partner, not buying a T-shirt for him, stop making her a commodity with no preference of her own). 


Her best friend had a very beautiful daughter called Rati. Rati had hardly touched 18 when Rakesh’s mom asked her hand for him (Get her before anyone else knows, isn’t it?).

Rati Weds Sunil

Her parents didn’t want to let go of such a great match.

Nobody asked Rati and Rakesh to talk about themselves.

Rati too assumed that Rakesh was shy, she had a rosy idea of a happy life with a handsome husband and zero liabilities. (Mistake 3: Your son might be perfect in your eyes, but the other person also has some choice of partner, give them time else you will pay for it).

Rati couldn’t manage to stay for a month and went back to her parents. Why wasn’t Rati given a chance to meet Rakesh? Was she some commodity that you pick up immediately before anyone else? Just because she was very beautiful?

Bad Marriage

Obviously: a son of Rati and Rakesh called Hari. Parents thought that a child is enough to seal the woman inside the house. 20-year-old Rati had enough, she gave the child to Rakesh and left the house.

Both parents of Rakesh died heartbroken.

The story doesn’t end with their death, the after-effects hit too hard for Rakesh.

He couldn’t take care of his son so he paid hefty alimony and asked Rati to keep him.

Meanwhile, Sunil realized that simple Aparna wasn’t his choice as a life partner. He convinced even his parents and gave her divorce without any payment (she was too simple to understand what happened, her parents were dead, the brother was in a legal case).

Sunil got his son Neel’s custody and married Rati!

How did it happen?

They had been into an affair immediately after Rati and Rakesh wedding, somehow they had managed to hide it for long. Maybe Rakesh’s mom suspected it and forced Rakesh to have a baby (Hari) with Rati to save both her kids’ marriages.

But, none survived!

As on day, Rati and Sunil are happily married, they have Sunil’s son Neel with them.

Rati’s son Hari couldn’t see any other man as his stepfather and came back to Rakesh.

Rakesh takes care of his son and sister.

God knows how long will Aparna’s tears take time to act. She simply has given up on life…..

The biggest mistake 

Why on earth was Hari supposed to be brought into the world when the existing relationship itself was in turmoil?

I am sure that kid will hate women especially after seeing what his mom did to him.

Why are parents so excited about grandchildren that they forget that marriage also means a lifetime bond of their own children!?

If Rati had even an idea of how Rakesh was as a person or had met Sunil beforehand, would this situation have come?

But no; Sunil’s mom thought she knew best for him, sorry but each individual has some idea of what sort of partner we want in life, not all parents can understand that.

You might know what sweet your son liked as a kid, but when we grow up, our choices change after seeing the world.

Maybe if Sunil had seen around the world, had some breakup or rejection or understood what all people are around and then married, he would have appreciated the simplicity of Aparna and would have even fallen in love with her or he might have found Rati.

In either case, at least both girls wouldn’t have had to go through divorces.

I am not glorifying the act of Rati and Sunil. Whatever said, it’s horrible what they did especially with Aparna – she misses her son terribly. And Hari? Why that kid? What was his fault? Maybe Rakesh’s mom will have to be reborn to answer Hari.

Any solution?

Dear parents, don’t plan about beautiful grandchildren and get your kids married to the best-looking match, your kids also have a life to live with their spouses not just pop babies, compatibility matters a lot.

Give them time to decide on whom to marry, just going by looks or degrees are not enough to sustain a marriage in today’s world.

You will someday leave the earth and your kids, don’t make their life a living hell before that by your inflated egos on how you know the best for them.

Team Explicit Facts would like to thank Mrs. Ajita Barik for her above-mentioned contribution of a true story.

We would like to wish her all the best for future endeavors.

We also hope that more boys and girls will take inspiration from the above mentioned true story and will learn something from the people of that story.

Life is too short to be wasted on fighting on nonessential issues.

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