Sacrificing Daughters For “Fake” Family Honour (Part 1)

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Sacrificing Daughters For “Fake” Family Honour


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A heart-wrenching story posted anonymously by a lady is being shared below, for readers to understand life and its complexities.

How easily we sacrifice our daughters for stupid reasons?

Is life so cheap that we waste one life just for the sake of protecting “Fake Family’s Honour”?

Now let’s dive into the topic without wasting any time.

A Real-Life Story

I am a 29-year-old woman from one of the small cities. I am an engineer, but I am not allowed to work as I have to take care of my home.

I was 22 then and had just finished my studies. I was just making my life easy, not in a hurry to get married or to get a job.

I lived with my parents- my 2 brothers were married and stayed separately in different cities.

Once I went to watch a movie with my friends, but all the tickets were booked. It was close to 11 am.

My friends decided to go out for lunch, but I didn’t want to eat outside food, so I went back home and decided to meet them again after lunch.

Caught Red Handed!

I reached home and rang the bell. Waited for 2–3 minutes, but no response.

I took keys from my neighbour and unlocked my home.

I went searching for my mom and there she was in her bedroom- having sex with a young guy whom I had never seen before.

I was paralyzed with shock!!!

That guy saw me and immediately ran into the washroom.

My mom covered herself with a bedsheet and just looked at the floor.

I was angry beyond words!

I pulled my mom and pushed her into the washroom and locked both my mom and her lover inside.

Public Announcement. I called up my dad and asked him to come home ASAP.

I called up my eldest brother too and asked him to come home.

My father reached home within an hour.

I opened the washroom door. My mom and her lover were naked inside as they hadn’t taken their clothes with them.

Shock Wave. My father went numb from shock, so I called up a doctor.

My mom and her lover wore their clothes and stood in a corner with their eyes down.

Within 2 hours, my brother came home. He started thrashing that guy.

My mom was 49 then and the guy said that he was 26!

My mom asked for no forgiveness. She just stood like a stone, not uttering a word! It looked as if she was remorseless.

After a few hours, my father came to consciousness.

We were confused about what to do now.

We couldn’t file a complaint as it would bring shame to our family! (First Mistake!)

We asked the guy to leave and never show his face again.

But that guy had other plans. He bluntly said that he wanted to continue the affair and that if we stopped him, he would tell everyone that my mom was the one who started this.

We were shocked.

For days, we thought and thought of a way out of this.

Meanwhile, although the guy never came home, he kept calling us and scaring us that he was coming soon to have sex with my mother.

My mom was still like a stone since that day and had not uttered a word.

Strange Solution: Father’s Curse

4 days after the incident, my dad came to me one night with tears in his eyes.

I hugged him as I couldn’t bear to see him in pain.

He then asked the worst thing a father could ask from a daughter!

He asked me to marry this guy as that was the only way we can get him away from my mother.

I didn’t know how to respond. He cried with folded hands and begged me to accept it.

I couldn’t bear his pain, so I agreed. (Second Mistake!)

We called up that guy with this proposal. He accepted.

He was living alone in Bihar (India) while his parents were already dead, and he had no relatives as well. Was it a case of Sex with a Stranger? Arrange Marriage! (Part 1 and Part 2).

Is it not a perfect example of Honour Killing?

Finally Married!

Within a week, I was secretly married off to this guy and went away to live with him.

This was just the beginning of the worst phase of my life.

He was an animal when it came to sex.

He abused me with the worst words all the time!

Within 2 months of our marriage, I got to know I’m pregnant and had to face Pregnancy Blues (Part 1 and Part 2).

Tough Pregnancy. During my pregnancy, I had to do all sorts of jobs which were too demanding for me!

Even during my 8th month, he would have animal sex with me. I was always afraid that something would happen to my child in my womb.

I had a normal delivery and gave birth to a daughter. (Third Mistake!)

In these 7 years of marriage, he has already gotten me pregnant 4 times.

He hates to wear a condom.

Her Life Afterwards

He once saw that I was taking pills to avoid pregnancy and he thrashed me.

I remained silent about his tortures. (Fourth Mistake!)

I have cut off all contacts with my parents.

I blame them for this current situation of mine, more my mother than my father.

I hope no person ever gets such a monstrous mother!

I keep sharing my pain with my eldest brother.

But there’s little he can do.

I don’t want to get a divorce as that would make my husband expose his affair with my mother to everyone. (Fifth Mistake!)

My husband has absolutely no limits or shame.

Sexual Horrors. He starts having sex with me whenever he feels like it.

He doesn’t see that our kids are watching us.

He doesn’t see that the neighbours are hearing my screams. He doesn’t care that I’m in so much pain!

The time when he is not home when he goes to the office is really the happiest time I have.

I am very sure he has affairs with women in his office too as I have sometimes heard him talking with them on the phone while in the bathroom.

Some Unanswered Explicit Questions: A Failed Society!

Daughter’s Fault. Was it right on the lady’s part to expose her mother’s affair to the whole family?

We feel that the answer is No! Why?

Every person, male or female has some physical needs. Every person has the right to fulfill his or her physical needs if it all not fulfilled by a legal spouse.

What did the daughter gain by exposing her mother’s affair in front of the whole family?

Nothing! In fact, she lost her own life after that incident. Her father felt insulted in front of her own kids.

Father’s Sins. Now, if her father is not able to fulfill the physical needs of her mother, then what is mother expected to do? Die silently within?

We would like to know from our readers that in case a wife doesn’t cook food for 7 days, then is the husband supposed to keep waiting for his wife to cook food, or will it be a crime on the husband’s part if he uses online food ordering apps like Swiggy or Zomato, to order food?

“Fake” Family’s Honour. To save the family honour the family preferred to remain silent.

Surprisingly, they gave themselves into the threats of her mother’s lover of continuing the relationship.

Was the girl’s marriage to mother’s love the right solution to that problem?

With the mother already physically involved with her young lover, with him marrying the daughter, what are the chances that he will not remain intimate with her mother after his marriage?

If YES, then how to justify it?

Did the father not sacrifice her daughter’s life for the sake of his own self-imposed “FAKE FAMILY HONOUR”? 

Was this sacrifice justified?

Was father right in stopping the young lover from spreading explicit facts about his sexual impotency, by marrying off his daughter to him?

How did this solution help the family?

Is this how offsprings are supposed to pay back all the love and care their parents arranged for their upbringing?

Curious Question. If a woman catches her husband having sex with “Other Woman”, then the first thing that comes to her mind is how to get rid of that man from her life.

But in this case, this lady was emotionally tortured and forced to marry a man, who was caught having sex with her own mother!!!!! Was this a marriage or a “Life Sentence”?

Has this family not handed over their daughter to a sex maniac, with a license to rape her every day of her life?

Elder Brothers’ Silence. Were her elder brothers not supposed to oppose their father’s proposal to marry off their sister with a sex maniac, who had sexual relations with his mother and then didn’t hesitate to threaten the family with dire consequences?

Although the lady had been sharing her horror stories with her elder brother, still he preferred to be a silent spectator. Is this how a brother is supposed to help his sister?

Father’s Silence. Although not mentioned about the father’s role in his daughter’s life after her marriage, was he not aware of the future of his daughter after marriage to that sex maniac?

Social Silence. As mentioned above, the neighbour must have heard her screams, when sexually assaulted by her husband. Is this how a social fabric is designed that people prefer to remain silent towards other people’s woes?

A Million Dollars Question. When a young man doesn’t hesitate to have sexual relations with a lady more than 23 years older than him, agrees to marry her daughter, sexually assaults his wife every day, then what are the chances that he will not rape his own daughter one day when she grows into a young lady?

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