Should Parents Force Kids Into Profession Of Their Choices? (Part 1)

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A Disputed Question

This is a very disputed question, which will have different answers from both parents and kids. 

History is witness to the fact, that many kids have proved out to be successful just because of timely guidance and support from their parents.

But at the same time, there have been almost a million cases, where parents forced their kids to choose the profession they never liked, which turned out to be a life long struggle for the kids and reason for great regret for their parents.

Should Parents Force Kids Into Profession Of Their Choices? (Part 1)

Real Life Incident 1

Her parents are the typical parent’s type, who assume there are only two career paths-doctor or engineer.

Geography vs Medicine. She never had any fascination for science subjects, geography was very close to her heart. But her father wanted her to be a doctor because her grandfather did not let her dad become a doctor and hence she was being forced to carry forward that legacy.

When she had to take admission for her +2 all she wanted was to take up arts with mathematics as her additional subject. Her Dad became adamant, he forced her to take up science.

Boards Exams. Imagine having to sit for your board exams with subjects which do not interest you and which you do not want to study at all.

Medical Entrance Exams. For two full years, she kept shut and tried to study, but during her medical entrance exams, she sat still.

She is a very intelligent and diligent student, and hence knew the answers but she did not write a single one on the answer sheet. The invigilators kept asking whether she had any problem to which she negated.

After the results, her daddy blasted her.

The poor girl retorted for the first time in her life. She told him that he gave her the hardest time of her life by forcing her to take up science in her +2; he said there is no other way out if we do not study science. She reminded that science alone is not the end of the world. He insisted that she could do nothing if she did not study science in a third world country like ours.

She was devastated.

She took up an honours subject for her graduation.

Fighting Odds: Flying Colours. For post-graduation, she did her MBA. Her CAT result was a little below 99.9 percentile in 2009.

Even then her dad tried to prove himself correct by saying if she had not studied science she could never have cracked CAT.

Ridiculous!!!!! Her dad is always of the opinion that only weak students study arts- is this thought even logical? Why only she, even I fail to understand.

Her dream career was put to a jolting halt after her class 10 exams when she was forced to study science subjects inspite of disliking them thoroughly.

This science-arts argument whenever erupts in her family becomes an active volcano. And the arguments continue as if there is no tomorrow.

She always wanted to be a geographer or an environmental expert, but her dreams were shattered.

She finally completed her MBA in 2011 with flying colours and is working successfully.

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