Naked Athena | Bravest Protest Show on Road! Black Lives Matter!

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Naked Athena | Bravest Protest Show on Road


WARNING: This story contains images of graphic nudity that some might find offensive.

Naked Athena, Portland USA

Naked Athena. Black Lives Matter

It was 1:45 a.m. Dave Killen, a photographer for The Oregonian/OregonLive, was nearing the end of his shift covering the nightly protests in Portland.

In the five hours he had been out, Killen and a group of protesters had been pushed by police northward on Third Avenue, he said, to its intersection with Taylor Street.

Officers stood across the intersection, facing the group of protesters.

Then, a naked woman appeared.

She walked out to the intersection in front of where police were standing.

Killen said she was wearing only a face mask and a stocking cap while she was facing the police.

She paced the area near the crosswalk.

She laid down, kicking up her feet. She did ballet poses.

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